Due to the fact that Tumblr deleted CaptainKiddy’s Blog we can no longer access her original posts unless we come across one on someone’s blog so I respectfully repost this gifset in her memory.

I have seen some really beautiful comments regarding the posts by Junkmonsters, Whitetiger9 and myself yesterday. 

I was really touched by them and I believe Ingrid would be smiling too.

In hindsight I would like to amend my other post from “For those of YOU who remember to For those of YOU who keep the spirit of love alive here in the BONJOVIFAMILY ♥”

So much love to Lydia-Jovigirl and Greekgoddess-a-d…you are definitely part of my BONJOVIFAMILY 

We are very proud to be included, thanks for everything. Lots of love to all, you are amazing people! ♥

Thanks Gayle ♥ Like Nina said before and I can only repeat after her- we are very proud to be part of BonJoviFamily and I’m so happy I found you guys (and I need to thank Maysa again ♥ because I’m here thanks to her *-*). Keep rocking JoviFamily!

If it wasn’t for Ingrid, I would never have found this place or even joined, I would check her blog first thing every morning. She passed before I had the chance to tell her how great she was. I joined in memory of her and I hope I do her proud x

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Jon Moscow 1989

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Haha, love this…so true

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Richie: You can’t play on guitar!
Jon: - Shut UP! 

Lmao!!!!!!!!!! Such goofballs :P

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  • Bon Jovi - Keep The Faith

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"I took this photo of richie Sambora and Les Paul in 1993 at Fat Tuesday in NYC where Les performed with many of his rocker friends who would sit in with him and his trio, it was always a highlight to all.

Tonight Richie honors Les Paul tonight at The Iridium in NYC. The famed club where Les performed weekly for 12 years until his passing in 2009. It will air this fall on Public Television’s Front and Center.” - Mark Weiss

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That's me and my pals... Both legends ... Thank you Steven and Joe
for all you did and do. Inspiration....
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Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora

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Jon and Richie sign autographs for fans outside the O2 Arena in 2010
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DUDE. A cactus. Excellent. 

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